custom website design, done right.

Michelle Wuesthoff

Wouldn't it be great if you could find someone who cared as much about your website as you do?

Your website is a big investment – the “official spokesperson” for you or your business. You can’t afford to shell out your hard-earned money, only to be delivered a hastily thrown together site with terrible stock photos and a boring, cut-and-paste layout. There are loads of web designers out there with similar technical skills, but not all are in tune with their clients enough to give them what they were hoping for.

You want your website to stand out from your competitors’ sites. To draw visitors in, and convert them into consumers.

And you want your site to look like you care about details.


So How do I choose the right web designer for me?

1. Your designer should understand you, your company, and what you want to accomplish. This requires the designer to listen carefully and ask the right questions in order to understand your vision for your website.

2. Your designer should have excellent communication skills. He or she should be able to communicate thoughts and ideas clearly – spoken and in writing. The ability to communicate well directly affects the design and functionality of your website.

3. A good designer is all about the details. Thoughtful decision-making, research, and aggressive editing should all be part of the design process. Your custom website should function as great as it looks.

4. The best designers have skills across several areas that make up a good website: web development, graphic design & color theory, content writing, and a solid understanding of SEO and digital marketing. 

you need a Custom website designed with you in mind

I chose the name Meráki for my business because it’s how I approach every project I take on. I really do put my heart and soul in it. My goal is to deliver you a product that is functional, beautiful, and represents you at your best.

Your website is your digital domain, so it should be welcoming and attractive for your visitors, and something you’re proud to show off.

Whether you are looking for a brand new site or to update your existing one, I will help you achieve the look and feel you want with stunning images, beautiful graphics and fonts, and mobile responsive pages.

custom Website Design

I had a passion for building websites long before I made it my career. I bring that same passion to every project I take on.


I am an experienced writer and published author, with specific knowledge in writing good business copy.


Way back in the ’80s, I studied fine art in college, and have more than 20 years experience in art and design.

Digital Marketing

I’ve always been fascinated by social media marketing, and am equipped to help you develop a marketing strategy and promote your  business across the web through email lists, social media platforms, and SEO.

How much does a website cost?

Why Can’t I find prices on developers’ websites?


This is a common frustration. I know – I’ve been there myself. You just want to browse and get an idea of how much things cost before you make that call or write that email. But here’s the truth:

No one publishes standardized pricing because web design is never a one-size-fits-all project.

It really depends on what you are looking for. A personal blog isn’t as labor intensive as a corporate website or an e-commerce site.  Even those have varying degrees of complexity. That’s why a consultation is necessary. But it shouldn’t feel intimidating or obligating.

One thing I can promise you as a designer is that I am approachable. I won’t use a bunch of jargon or assume you understand every term that might come up. I listen carefully and we brainstorm. If you are worried about cost, we can talk about options that will fit into your budget. No judgement, no obligation.

What Does a custom-designed website include?

Wordpress Custom theme

Your site will be outfitted with a stunning, custom WordPress theme with creative layouts, beautiful photos and text, and a compelling user interface. Everything is designed to highlight and make the most of your brand.


Internal Pages

All internal pages will be built with the same care and attention given to the homepage. Design elements, colors, and overall feel will be consistent throughout your website. Pages can easily be added, removed, and customized in the future.

100% Responsive Design

A website must look and function great no matter what size the screen is. Your custom site will be fully optimized for beautiful, fast-loading mobile and tablet versions, as well as for desktops of varying sizes. 


Your WordPress site will come pre-loaded with plugins appropriate to your business. Form builders, PayPal buttons, social media sharing tools, event calendars – pretty much everything you will need. I will include video training for these if needed.


Opt-in Forms

Build your database of customers or subscribers with customizable opt-in forms that fit your site’s purpose. I can link them to your email marketing platform – Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Opt-inMonster. 

Blog Template Set-up

Whether your website is a blog or you just want blogging capability, I can create a custom blogging template that coordinates with your design. All you need to do is upload your photo and copy/paste your text and you’re good to go!


All my websites come with basic SEO built right in. With your help, I’ll determine the best keywords and SEO tools you can use to get your site noticed on the web. I’ll also create your site’s open graph image that will appear when you share your link. 


All my sites come with Google Analytics and Google Search Console installed and activated so you can track visitors’ profiles and numbers at the click of a button. Configure your settings  as you grow for more insights. 

original files

At the time we’re ready to launch your site, I’ll upload the original files to any custom fonts, photos, or graphics I’ve used and send them to you via Google Drive. At the end of your build, you own your website and all elements within it.


Quick Turnaround

When I begin a website build, I aim to get your site up and running as quickly as possible. Depending on the size, complexity of your site, and how fast you provide me content, I can have your site ready for preview in as little as a week.

what’s the process?


1. Let's Talk

Send me an email and tell me briefly what you’re looking for, along with your preferred contact method, and I’ll get back to you quickly. Or give me a call! I’m always happy to talk in person. We can setup an in-depth consultation from there. 

2. creative collaboration

Once we’ve had our consultation, I’ll design a front page mockup for you to review. When you’re happy with it, I begin building, and we’ll be in touch throughout the process until you are 100% satisfied with the end product!

3. enjoy the final product

Once your custom website is complete, we’ll go over it together, and I’ll provide any necessary training in order to use your site to its fullest. After an agreed-upon final version, you can choose to finish there or keep me on retainer for future projects.

Can you show me some examples of sites you’ve built?


Yes! Here are a few of my favorites:

Simply Serving

Perfect Fit Placement

Hope for African Child Foundation

Cozinha de Bento

Davis Carpentry

New life II

JK Safaris & car hire

Kingdom Connection Ministries

what my clients are saying:

My company, Perfect Fit Placement, engaged the services of Michelle Wuesthoff to provide much needed final corrections and additions to our new website.

Michelle was terrific to work with. She quickly grasped what our vision for the site was, diagnosed problem areas and provided excellent changes that added a high degree of professionalism. I am very impressed by her design and technical skills and found her very responsive to work 
with. I should add that her services are very affordable.
I will not hesitate to use Michelle in the future.
Michael Blais

Vice President, Perfect Fit Placement, Inc.

Michelle Wuesthoff did an amazing job creating our website. From the first in depth phone call to get to know me and our ministry, to the last email – full of tutorials and thorough answers to my questions – she was insightful and professional. Her artistic attention to detail made decisions about design quick and easy. I highly recommend her for any web design project.

Teresah Mason

Director, Kingdom Connections Ministry

Our company is so thrilled with the job that Michelle Wuesthoff has done with our new website.  She has simply gone above and beyond with her skills and creativity.  She is innovative and diligent with the information needed and provided, not to mention incredibly patient in explaining all aspects!

I would recommend her without hesitation and trust her with any website need in the future.
Tara Delveccio

Owner & Operator, Simply Serving, LLC

The zeal to make it perfect, the commitment in delivering the best, and the love for what she does pushes Michelle to do the best for her clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough! 100% reliable and on time. She is so kind and understands her client’s needs like no one else I’ve met in this business. 

Joseph Kawuki

Owner, JK Safaris & Car Hire, LTD

Custom website design, done right.


Michelle Wuesthoff